KJ McNamara


Austin Netherton

KJ McNamara and Austin Netherton

Our Wedding

We want you to know that everyone is welcome. As you recive your Save The Dates or your Invites, we have no cap on our plus one's. If you have a sibling, parent, child, partner AND a friend you want to bring please do! We want to celebrate without the burden of restrictions. Shoot, if you did not receive an Invite or Save The Date and you want one, let us know and yours is in the mail! We are thrilled about this date and we cannot wait to welcome you to our home. More is more and everyone is welcome to our day. We do not want anyone to feel left out or put out by traveling all the way to our corner to celebrate! Just please let us know how many people you plan on bringing with you so we can make sure there is enough dessert for all!
Lauren Chism